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Annaliza star Andrea Brillantes in alleged video scandal

A twelve-year-old up and coming television star of ABS-CBN (Kapamiyla) is trending on twitter and Google after a video was circulated on social media supposedly about the child star in a scandalous activity.

The alleged one-minute video of Andrea Brillantes (or the discussion of the video) went viral but no update has been issued as to the authenticity of the video. There’s a lot of talk, but it seems few, if any, have seen the video at all.

Brillantes is popularly known as the star of the TV show remake Annaliza.

The video was accordingly first uploaded on a facebook fan page of the child actress. The video was then re-shared, and the discussion moved to twitter. Eventually, netizens started searching for the video on Google.

Annaliza video on Youtube

Some are thinking the video might just be an attempt to besmirch the actress’ good image.

There are rumors that Brillantes’ cellphone was stolen and is the original source of the video.

No exhaustive investigation in Metro Manila has been conducted to inquire if computer technicians ever fixed a laptop or computer from the Brillantes family. The same is true for phone technicians.

No statement from the team of the child actress has been brought forward. Meanwhile, online fans are pouring their support and are demanding that the sharing of the video be stopped.

For a short span of type, the term “Ryzza Mae” also trended on twitter, confusing netizens. The Eat Bulaga child star, however, does not have a scandal contrary to what is being spread by some.

Annaliza star Andrea Brillantes in alleged video scandal