Annaliza (2013) synopsis

Annaliza grows up in the care of Guido (Marudo), after she was separated from her biological parents Isabel (Laurel) and Lorenzo (Garcia).

The young girl is given to Guido by Makoy (Aquino), an accomplice of Stella (Abad) in her vengeful plot against Lorenzo, who denied fathering her child.

Guido is later seen in an apparent relationship with Stella, who is bent on exacting revenge on the lost daughter of Lorenzo, the man she was once loved.

The original “Anna Liza” first aired in 1979 and ended with an incomplete story after Vega’s untimely death in 1985 due to cardiac arrest and bronchopneumonia.

Now almost 30 years since its abrupt ending, “Anna Liza” will be re-introduced to a new generation of TV viewers Andrea Brillantes taking on the title role.