Prince Stefan

So Prince Stefan is dating a gangster hot gym rat based in Singapore.

Prince Stefan

Prince Stefan

As netizens began thinking whether to get the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6s to meet the demands of the latest app, this news spread fast. Heavy gamers were supposed to be deciding which phone would be better for playing Pokemon Go now have to search for Prince Stefan and his past ‘scandals.’ Wait, are Pokemon Go players into the Starstruck alum? Who knows. But they sure are also interested in Tinder and Tumblr.

Keanna vs. Prince

Prince Stefan has been having this feud with Keanna Reeves. Keanna started by talking about a guy blind-item style. Fans have gathered the clues together and deduced that she ought to be talking about Prince: (1) was with her in Korea for a show; (2) joined Starstruck; and, (3) rumored in 2014 to be gay. Prince was linked to Ian Batherson, another Starstruck alumnus.

What did Prince say about this? On Facebook:

I asked HER to be part of the KOREA show because i always believe that everyone gets the second chance to just really prove themselves regardless of background and reputation. We are all here to work for a living and never in my entire life to have been put in a position in such a way that someone will actually humiliate me and create false stories about me. Nevertheless, i take this positively and will not stop pursuing my passion as an artist and as a performer/entrepreneur no matter how small others may see it. I love my job and i will continue to strive harder to entertain people.

This will be my first and last statement.

Keanna did not want it to end there. She then accused Prince Stefan of using drugs and evading payment of taxes. She even warned that change is coming under Duterte’s presidency. How do you beat that with her screen caps of past conversations with Prince? There’s talk about cocaine and weed and fake bank certificates, empty bank accounts, and boys in tow.

Excluded on Starstruck

Prince Stefan was also not included in the string of alumni promoting the comeback of Starstruck. He was Aljur Abrenica’s runner-up during the batch 4 of the reality show.

Perhaps GMA Network was trying to avoid the talk about Prince getting married to a guy. yes, he was rumored to have married a rich boyfriend in the US — New York, to be specific. According to Prince, the alleged boyfriend is a family friend. This was in 2012.

So GMA was not so hot in renewing his contract because of this (Imagine producing LGBT-friendly TV shows but kicking out a talent for being gay.) And then his mom died. He thought of getting a new manager and a new screen name to reboot his career. Wait — didn’t Princess Snell already do this? She’s also a Starstruck alumna by the way.

In the end, Prince got the admiration of the LGBT community in the Philippines. Like the dad in the SMART commercial who accepted his son, they too welcomed Prince’s ‘no label, no commitment‘ kind of relationship. We’re just dating. Right. But now, they have set their sights on Paolo Amores, that hot gym rat based in Singapore who goes to Hong Kong and Bangkok during breaks.