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Movies about Martial Law in the Philippines

Movies about Martial Law (in the Philippines during the time of Ferdinand Marcos)

  • Batch ’81 (1982) Mike de Leon
  • Oro Plata mata (1982) Peque Gallaga
  • Oliver (1983) Nick Deocampo
  • Revolutions Happen Like Refrains in a Song (1987) Nick Deocampo
  • A Dangerous Life (1988) Robert Markowitz
  • Orapronobis (1989) Lino Brocka
  • Eskapo: The Serge Osmeña-Geny Lopez Story (1995) Chito Roño
  • Dekada ’70 (2002) Chito Rono
  • Dukot (2009) Joel Lamangan
  • Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon (2014) Lav Diaz
  • Forbidden Memory (2016) Teng Mangansakan

Clint Bondad and Catriona Gray dating

Clint Bondad and Catriona Gray are dating.

Catriona Gray is Miss World Philipines 2016 and Clint Bondad is a model who became popular thanks to Bench and Cosmopolitan.

Clint Bondad

Clint Bondad

Catriona Gray

Catriona Gray

Clint Bondad in a music video

Clint Bondad

Third party behind Jason Francisco and Melai Cantiveros split

Jason Francisco and Melai Cantiveros, the real-life couple cooked by the Pinoy Big Brother franchise, are parting ways. It seems a third party is involved. Maybe just jealousy, but Jason does not want Melai to be too close to another ABS-CBN talent. Who is he?

Melai Cantiveros is part of the TV show We Will Survive. Carlo Aquino is her on-screen partner. What was supposed to be a tandem for a few weeks dragged on to months. And Jason is now worried.

Jason Francisco was part of the TV show My Super D.

Melason: Melai Cantiveros and Jason  Francisco

Melason: Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco

Melason: Melai Cantiveros and Jason  Francisco

Melason: Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco

No rush, no label for Prince Stefan

Keanna Reeves previously called Prince Stefan gay. Oh, they did have some sort of a verbal fight.

And now, the Starstruck avenger is calling his relationship with regular date Paolo Amores a “no rush, no label, no commitment.”

Love wins for the bromance couple. Go ahead, magligawan kayo hangga’t malaya pa ang Pilipinas.

Prince Stefan and Paolo Amores: gym buddies

Prince Stefan and Paolo Amores: gym buddies

But wait, there is an upcoming movie with Edgar Allan Guzman. It’s called Working Beks.

Is this what they call mixing work with pleasure? Or maybe is it time for us to go to Hong Kong Dineyland, too?

Prince Stefan and Edgar Allan Guzman in Working Beks

Prince Stefan and Edgar Allan Guzman in Working Beks

And lastly, how come, there was no gossip when My Husband’s Lover star Dennis Trillo visited Prince’s gym hangout?

Prince Stefan and Dennis Trillo: gym buddies

Prince Stefan and Dennis Trillo: gym buddies


Jake Ejercito, Maine Mendoza, Andi Eigenmann, Bret Jackson

Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye is heating up once again with the reveal that Jake is going to be played by Jake Ejercito.

Jake Ejercito and Maine Mendoza Andi Eigenmann and Bret Jackson

Jake Ejercito, Maine Mendoza, Andi Eigenmann, Bret Jackson

Jake Ejercito and Andi Eigenmann were lovers. Andi got pregnant and bore a child. In the middle of the pregnancy, it seemed like Jake abandoned her. She was later linked to Pinoy Big Brother housemate Bret jackson, who her mom (Jaclyn Jose) did not like.

And now Jake has resurfaced as Maine Mendoza’s other love interest. While Alden Richards is sweet, he’s kinda boring. Now a real hunk with a dark past has joined the party. And Lola is so excited.

Are you getting excited, too?

End of World Peace

World Peace came crashing down tonight when Miss Universe ended up dividing the world in two: one side to comfort Colombia and another to bask in the triumph of Philippians First Corinthians Philippines.

How long does it take to be Miss Universe? One Year, give and take a few days? One minute?

Miss Colombia was given the crown and asked to give it up for Miss Philippines. Miss Colombia already waved to the crowd with the crown on her head!

For those who strongly believe that the Philippines had been denied of the crown for so long because someone of Colombian origins control the Bb. Pilipinas — hi Stella Marquez! — this is sweet justice. Although Ariadna Gutierrez has nothing to do with this problem, it seems like next year’s competition would be a world war where Colombia would have to battle it out with the Philippines yet again. And the other countries would have to take sides. Thank you so much Steve Harvey.

Meanwhile, as the dust settles, let us start checking if that blue gown Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach was wearing is really queen worthy. It seems like the other blue gown she was wearing in the photo in the Miss Universe website is better.

Pia Wurtzbach

Stella Marquez-Araneta had been accused of ruining the chances of Philippine representatives by forcing them to wear the ugly products of Colombian designers (who make great gowns for their bets). So who decided what Miss Philippines was going to wear tonight? Who made the gown?

Pia Wurtzbach blue evening gown

But before that, Twitter universe has to settle something else. Pia Wurtzbach (to be precise, and not Pia Guanio) asked the Aldub Nation to help in the live online voting. Because the show would be over by the time ABS-CBN televised the pageant, it was but proper that she asked the other fandom, even if for the longest time, she is an ABS-CBN talent. Let us set aside the network wars and fandom wars for the Philippines, please.

The Aldub Nation never claimed they were the ones who made Pia win. The Miss Universe servers crashed and was fully functional only until the voting of the best in national costume made Thailand win for that tuktuk inspired getup.

The online crowdsourced voting would only have been helpful in determining who’s going to be on the top 5 and later, top 3. But with the server failing, the online thingy might not have caused a big upset. And votes could not get words into Pia’s mouth. It was all her that made her win.

This time around (is this the first time?), the Philippine representative talked about HIV/AIDS advocacy instead of her religious alignment. Talk of religion almost gives you negative marks in Miss Universe because the topic is so divisive.

So back to being divisive. Like announcing the wrong contender as winner. 2016 is going to be so exciting! Who would be the host? And would Colombia and Philippines meet each other in full smiles? And who would win?

Nathalie Hart, the starlet formerly known as Princess Snell

Nathalie Hart, the starlet formerly known as Princess Snell, posted a photo on Instagram with a caption that outraged many.

“If rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it.”

How low can you get just so you could promote a movie you’re in? Merry Christmas!

Princess Snell / Nathalie Hart

Princess Snell was a reality show wannabe that would have been forgotten by now had she not agreed to be a cover of Playboy Philippines in 2013.